So, my wife wants some money

Sounds like the start of a joke, eh? Then what’s the punchline?

A couple days ago, it was “pay time” for my kids for their “allowance”. (That is, the day we pay them for the fulfillment of certain chores.) As I was handing out money, my wife says to me, “I want $20.”

I said, “Okay. But I don’t have it in cash.”

Then she said. “Actually, I want $100.”

I glance at her sideways, and go, “Okaaay. But I don’t have that in cash either.”

“Doesn’t have to be cash. But I want $100.”

At this point, I figure it is some kind of test and go with it.

Then, next day, she says to me, “Actually, I need $100 a month.”

Now, she knows our budget. She knows how it all works. And I say, “Um. Why do you need $100 a month?”

She shrugs. “I just do. Can you make it happen?”

“Well,” I say, hesitantly, “That’s fine. But we’ll have to take the money from another budget category, like the amount we put into savings each month for vacations or something.”

“That’s fine. Make it happen.”

So, I press her further. “What is this about?”

She refuses to tell me, but then says, “Well, it isn’t for right away. I need $100 a month for probably about 78 months.”

“That’s $7800!”

“Yes. Once I have it, I can tell you.”

For fear of becoming the proverbial dead cat, I pushed for more info. Because, see, we aren’t the secretive type. Finally, after about fifteen minutes, I convince her to reveal her plans to me.

“Well, I just thought it would be cool if, in about 6 years from now, when we start to plan our 30th anniversary, that I tell you that we’re going to stay in the Star Wars hotel at Walt Disney World. And when you ask how we will afford to pay for it, I’d pull out the $7800! You’d be so surprised!”

Isn’t she the sweetest thing? We’re still almost 2 years away from our 25th anniversary trip, and she’s already thinking about our 30th!


These conversations seem just like my house. Except that DH is horrible about gift giving/surprises, that is more my thing.

Wow, that is so cool !!! :smiley:

I love the idea your wife thinks $7,800 will get you any time at all in the Star Wars hotel.

It might get you a couple of places at a dessert party in SWGE.


There is a vlogger she watches that is a travel agent or something who believes, based on the info she’s heard, that the pricing of the Star Wars hotel will probably be somewhat similar to a Disney cruise.

We shall see.

But you’re missing the point. It doesn’t even matter whether we even follow through. It is the “thought that counts” in this case! :slight_smile:


This is so nice and also reminds me of Jane from The Jetsons opening.

You’re really that excited?


Woops. Okay. I think I’ll go edit that typo.

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Your wife is my idol!

  1. This is how I manage to pay for all of our trips. Long-term planning, putting aside a little bit each week is key. :moneybag:
  2. She loves you enough to start thinking this through already. :heart:
  3. She somehow puts up with you day in and day out and still loves you. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Yes. Well, that last one is definitely the tricky one!

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That’s so sweet!

I’ve thought about doing something similar, although I could probably just put the money in a budget category named “Galaxy’s Edge” and my husband wouldn’t notice.

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This makes me so happy.

I told my DH if he wants to stay at the new hotel it’s on him. (I generally fund our disney travel)

Bugger already has a huge chunk in the budget for it. :rage:

It’s cute though. Never thought I would get him to WDW. So I’ll roll with it!


It is the sweetest thing. You are a very lucky man …but you spoiled the surprise for her and you. Next time trust more and don’t ask questions. @ryan1…I need $20. :wink:


She’s a keeper.

That’s so awesome!

Aw! What a sweetie. I like her style, too.

I did this to my DH for our 10th, but since I had my own business I could redirect my (future end-of-year bonus) money and he’d never know. So I did just that- put it in a second bank account. I arranged everything in secret- airfare, hotel, told the nanny (didn’t tell the kids, they can’t keep secrets!!) his office staff, his partners (they had to take call early) everybody knew. Except him.

So- the day of, he was on call and we had a very early flight to catch. The answering service called our house at 0430 and said “Dr. D you have to get up! You have a flight to catch.” and he just hung up and rolled over! Seriously!

So I (quite uncharacteristically) asked “What was that all about?”
“I don’t know, they were giggling like idiots. Something about a flight. They have the wrong doctor I guess.”
“No they don’t- we’re going to DISNEYWORLD!!!”

He did not believe me until I showed him the swimsuits, the airplane tickets and the kids stuff all packed and ready to go.

IT WAS THE BEST! I’ll never top that.


Not a psychiatrist then?:wink:

haha- nope!

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