So Much Walking in AK! Help me start a plan for 4/7/19

On April 7th, we fly in, landing at around 8:30am, then take DME to POR, and then drop our bags and head to AK. I am hoping we will be at AK by 11am, but for argument’s sake, let’s say 12pm.

My FPP/ADR list is as follows:
KRR - 1:55-2:55pm
FoP: 2:55-3:55pm
KS: 5:05-6:05
Tusker House Dinner: 6:25pm

My daughter loves DinoLand USA (especially the Boneyard and Primeval Death Whirl), and my husband and I both love the African and Asian animal treks.

Is someone experienced willing to shell out a plan (not ride by ride, just a general walk through) that does not involve me walking from one end of the park to another over and over and over? Because the more I stare at the map and use my experience to try to build a plan, the more I cannot see avoiding walking from Asia to Pandora to DinoLand to Asia to Africa to DinoLand to Africa… help!

Use the ‘‘minimize walking’’ feature on TP but with those FP+ times it won’t be easy…KRR is normally easy enough to get so maybe modify that ?

Do you have only 1 day at AK ? Normally our family does AK in 2 days since there is so much to do…

We are only doing 3 days at Disney, and 2 are fly in or fly out. We are going to AK, then Universal for 2 days, and then to MK 2x. I don’t even know if I want to ride KRR, but I needed a FPP for something and now my daughter is excited about it.

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I love KRR (but be prepared to get drenched LOL) ! :smiley:

If you can modify that KRR FP+ it would be the best, otherwise yes it will be a lot of walking but AK is so beautiful it will be fun walking !!! :slight_smile:

But if you are there 11-12 you can do most of Dinoland and Asia before doing KRR at th end of your FP window, then you go to Pandora and you finish with Africa. Shouldn’t be so bad…

Where would you move KRR? After FoP?

Well since it gets us really wet, we usually try to do it as late as possible to spend as little time as possible in wet clothes/shoes LOL

But if you tour as I described it in my last sentence I think it’s actually pretty good. :smiley:


My DH is already agitating against KRR. But I like your idea of doing it last, we might be able to swing that after lunch at Tiffin’s. Then it won’t matter if we get soaked- plus we’re going back to the resort for a break anyway.


It’s worth it, really fun ride ! :smiley:


Yes, but according to DH, beauty is in the eye of the (dry) beholder.

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