So many special event nights

Now that MVT came out with 2020 rates, I’m looking to book a November 2020 trip. So, I’m back. I was looking at the 2019 crowd calendar and predicted hours. Looking at a week trip with 5 park days with PH plus arrival and departure days. The week I was looking at has Christmas parties at MK on all but 1 day, which has PM EMH. Does everyone on property go to MK that night? Would I basically have to buy Christmas party tickets to see FW at MK b/c of insane crowds the only night MK is open? We’ve done the MVMCP once before in early Dec, but this next trip would be early Nov so not really interested in the party that far before Christmas. Our other previous 2 Nov/early Dec trips were with much younger kids and nighttime stuff wasn’t very important so I’m new to the every day closes at 6 impacting my plans.

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I feel your pain and frustration … Updated hours were posted for my 7 nights in October and MNSSHP runs 4 of the 7 nights. And to boot, there are no DAH nights scheduled for any of the parks.

It’s definitely frustrating. I guess it makes a PH kind of necessary.

I would expect MK will be crowded that day.

When MK closes for a special event like this, the daytime hours those days are awesome! Especially rope drop, and early morning. Folks don’t want to go to a park that has such limited hours. With carefully selected fast passes and utilizing RD you’ll have a great day at MK! No need to buy those party tickets unless you want to.