So many rides offline this past weekend

Was anyone else a little surprised by so many rides be offline this past weekend? MK and Epcot had a number of rides down during the day. BTMM, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Astro Orbiter, Test Track, I don’t remember having this problem in years past.

I experienced this same thing during the week of 28JAN. Including during the DAH at MK. So many rides down and for significant amounts of time (hours). I was talking to the ferry boat CM as we were leaving about all the rides down. The first thing that came to his mind, was that Disney was purposely shutting down rides at certain times to save money. But then he dismissed it as crazy. I hope he was wrong, about Disney actually shuttering rides for periods of time. I can sort of understand cutting staffing and lowering ride capacity during “slow season”, but planned closures during the day, is not cool.

But it was really strange that Small World was down the entire DAH and each time we went by and the CM would say “just a few more minutes”…yep never re-opened, as far as I know. Weird. All that to say, I feel your frustration, not a fun time with so many attractions down. I ended up leaving DAH early, as there were rides down and it was cold, so I did what rides were open and left after about 2 hours and 15minutes.

It’s funny how people’s experiences can differ. I was there this weekend and wasn’t personally affected by a single ride being down…

Yes, timing is everything. With BTMRR down most of Sunday, it was hard to be in the park and it not affect FP or lines to other rides. You must have had the golden touch to rides. Luckily, we were in the parks early and were able to get just about everything accomplished. :smiley: