So many questions!

Ok, it’s my own fault for sort of breezing by the Genie+ stuff, since my intention was to boycott it. But now I plan to use it 3 of our 5 park days and am playing catch up with all the info and new stuff keeps coming out!

  1. I’ll start with drop times. So, at MK, if I book at 7am a 3:00 LL for Splash Mt, at the 10:47 drop I can modify that for an earlier time? I thought people have been saying you can’t modify? So are drop times more if you are looking for a specific ride and at 7am it’s sold out?

  2. Genie+ stacking. We’ll be arriving around 4 in the afternoon and have park reservations for HS. If I buy Genie+ in the morning, can my stacking go like this:
    7am get Slinky for 6pm
    11am (2 hrs after park opening) get MFSR for 6:30pm
    1pm get MMRR for 7pm
    3pm get TOT for 7:30pm
    5pm get TSM for 8pm
    And then get in line for Rise before closing

  3. We are going to a Halloween party one night so I’m not buying Genie+ that day. We will rope drop Epcot, hoping to hit Remy, Frozen, and low wait rides/shows. However, I want to get a boarding group for GotG. Do I have a shot of getting a group before 2pm when we’d be heading back to the hotel to get ready for the party?

  4. And last, I do not get BG1 and Merlock that you all talk about. I’ve tried going back to look at everything but there’s a zillion posts. Is there an easy, quick link that explains it all??

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I think the issue with modifying is mostly that you reset your 2 hour timer. So in your example normally you could get another LL at 11AM (presuming 9AM MK open) but if you modify at the 10:47 drop now you cannot get another one until 12:47. That’s an annoying cost - you might want to modify immediately or if you can modify to an immediate ride, but other than that it is likely not worth it.
  2. Sounds like the stacking rules may have just changed this week. But the real trick is waiting long enough for each of those to get into your ride window to book them and then waiting 2 hours for the next one. So it will be tough to book that many and that cleanly on the ride times unfortunately.
  3. Sure - just make sure you’re on and ready at 7AM sharp. Using BG1 may help you in that pursuit as well.
  4. Unfortunately I didn’t venture into the world of BG1 although did hear good things. Something I need to research more for our next trip…
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Look at the pinned post in La Cava, for the “BG1 documentation” link. There’s videos and everything!

The world of Genie+ has just been rocked yesterday, so anything you read about stacking only applies to the park you start out in now at the moment… you can’t really stack at parks you plan to hop to anymore.

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Also, BG1 will get you, well, Boarding Group 1 for GotG but based on more recent posts in that thread it isn’t really necessary to have an extra tool like that for GotG like it was with Rise.

I’m in the same boat where I ignored all of the Genie+ stuff until the last couple of weeks, when I actually started booking things for my trip (which I’d not done yet mostly because I still have booking anxiety after having to reschedule so many things, some of them over and over). I was really overwhelmed at first, but now that I’ve looked at LL availability charts and various strategies and trip reports I’m feeling much better.


Stacking still works, it just got a little more frustrating if you were planning to park hop. Briefly, if you book for the second park, the system no longer automatically gives you a return time after 2pm. You have to actually choose a ride for which the return time is already after 2pm. It should make later availability a little better for those not park hopping.

As for q2, yes that still works. But I notice in your example, all your return times get later and later. They don’t have to do that.

If you book Slinky with a return time of 6pm initially, the next ride you book can have a return time of 4:30pm if you want.


I also ignored all the Genie and BG1 stuff until the last couple of weeks and am now working through the posts. I did finally setup BG1 just 2 days ago and love the interface and the speed and drop info. I feel like it becomes easy to understand the benefits compared to Genie once you set it up versus reading about what it is/does. One specific comment about your current stacking plan is that ToT seems to run out of LL availability before MMRR so might want to switch those unless planning to pick up at a drop.
ETA. ToT also seems to run out before MFSR