So many questions

I have been to WDW many times but never on the dining plan. The morning we arrive I plan on doing rope drop at Animal Kingdom. I have reservations at 4:30 at Tusker House ROL package. Will I be able to use my MB and pay for the meal even though I have not physically checked into the resort yet? I plan on doing the online check-in in advance.

Where is it on the dashboard that reminds me of when my FPP date is? My FPP date is around 5/15. Will I be able to get FP for the new Animal Kingdom attractions that will be open on my arrival date but not opening until after my FPP date?

Thank you for the help.

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As long as you’ve done online check in and have linked a credit card to your magic band, you’ll be able to pay with the magic band at Tusker House.

Yes, FPP are available for the new Pandora attractions and they’ve been surprisingly easy to get.


I could be wrong, but when we did this last year when we tried to enter the park it gave us an error and we had to go to guest services since we had not also/already checked into the hotel at the time (I’m pretty sure we had checked in online if that was an option) - they were very friendly, helpful, and fast. They also gave us a free fast pass for the inconvenience

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I would not depend on the credit card actually being linked just because you did on-line check in. We found that out the hard way on our arrival day when we tried to purchase food with the Magic Bands. You might want to test them earlier in the day with a small purchase to see if the link actually happened. Then you know whether or not a trip to guest service will be necessary.

I’ll let others answer your checkin questions but yes you will be able to get FPP for the new AK attractions. Both new rides are tier one and everything else is tier two.

We have a credit card linked but I am wondering about the dining plan being available.

Yes, Your dining plan will be accessible as long as you check-in online.