So long solo trip!

Work is sending me to Orlando and Tampa in January, so I thought “Hey, I’ll just fly in a bit early and hit the parks! Cool solo trip to do everything the kids would hate!”

Today my wife: “How about I fly up with the kids for part of the time?” NOOOOO!!!

Fortunately Contemporary is already booked and she can’t move us, because I have ALWAYS wanted to stay there!

So the solo trip is still on then, since CR already booked?

It just won’t be as solo…

All my planning needs to get reset for the days they’ll be there. I didn’t even read the chapter on Disney with kids!

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Oh, I’m sure a solo trip is fine. But for me, I just can’t even imagine it. The idea that the wife and kids will be there, too, to me, would be a plus!

But, I’m the guy who has never been apart from his wife for more than 72 hours EVER since we were married. Those 72 hours were rather miserable for me. When I’m not working, if I’m not with my wife, I’m wishing I were! :slight_smile:


@ryan1 You should make sure your wife sees this thread.

@ats You should make sure your wife never sees this thread.





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I won’t say it’ll be bad, but it’ll definitely be different. My wife doesn’t even understand why anyone would go to WDW. She isn’t into any of the rides. My kids are probably still too young for the Mountains and some of the other headliners. And they certainly wouldn’t be interested in long relaxing dinners at fancy restaurants…

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