So is it safe to ASSume

The hours for Oga’s during our trip in January are listed as 6:00am on… but the HS park hours are still listed as opening at 9am. Do you think it’s safe to assume that they are going to have EMH daily at 6:00am? I can’t imagine that they AREN’T (or at least by 7am) with the restaurant open at 6:00.

I’m thinking that since RoTR opens in early December, much like they are doing extended EMH in Sept/Oct for the opening, they might do it again for a couple of months after ROTR opens.

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That’s what I think too. It’s pretty much inevitable… except whether they would do that over Christmas. The Christmas / New Year week always has MK EMH at 7am, regular opening at 8am. But that’s what happening in Sept / Oct anyway.

But in January, I would definitely expect it.

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Do we think once they announce it they will also open up Oga/Savi/DD reservations for the EEMH? Because like I said on another thread, I am more than happy to schedule that 6am Oga ADR and pay the penalty!!

I was looking at December and noticed that 6 AM reservation too. I was thinking/hoping for those continued early, early hours.

I noticed the same thing for November 5th. I’m curious to see if anyone actually has a reservation before the 9 am planned opening yet. If it’s really showing for all of our dates, then I don’t think I trust it. Much as I’d love Disney to extend EEMH to our trip dates, I suspect it’s going to be under-attended and they won’t add any dates until the 2nd ride comes online.

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It’s the same for my December dates as well. On Chat someone reported that a CM said that Oga’s is opening at 6am but won’t take reservations until 9am. We shall see. I really just want a confirmation of hours so that I can finalize my plans & ADRs.