So I bought into DVC!

I really don’t have a question or comment. But today I bought into dvc at the poly! I’ve researched and waited 3 years and today is the day! I’m beyond excited! Anyone want to share their (positive) experiences with dvc?


Good for you!! We bought into DVC via resale and added on 1 year later at the poly and we love it.

No experiences to share, but Congratulations!

We’ve been DVC since 2005 (SSR & AKV) and it’s been a wonderful experience for us. When our kids were little, we usually stayed in one bedroom villas, but now that they are older, we usually do two bedrooms (for the extra room and additional bathroom), and that’s a flexibility that we really couldn’t get anywhere else.

Now that the kids are older (ages 13-22), I also appreciate that Disney properties are safe, so they can go to the pool or wander around together without our needing to be with them. Last summer, we used our points to go to Disneyland, and my husband and I enjoyed a romantic dinner at Napa Rose while the kids went to California Adventure together. They actually were back in the room before we were!

We are lucky that my brother and sister-in-law also are DVC owners, so we have been able to vacation together more than we usually would (considering that we have always lived at opposite ends of the country). We have also been able to pool our points to get grand villas so that we could invite my parents to enjoy vacations with all of their children and grandchildren, and those memories are priceless.

The first time we did a big family trip in a grand villa, it was my mom’s first experience with DVC. She was very skeptical and a bit negative about the idea. I’m not sure what she thought we were going to have for accommodations, but she just wasn’t feeling it, no matter how many photos and videos and room layouts we showed her. Once we got to the grand villa and ushered her and my dad into the master suite, her attitude changed dramatically. She loved her bedroom, loved being able to all sit at the dining room table together. . . she loved everything about it, and, when she checked the room rate (posted on the inside of the front door) she was amazed at what the accommodations were worth in dollars. She started raving to all her friends about it, and she’s been on board with DVC ever since.

Enjoy your DVC vacations and the memories that you will make. I would definitely do it all over again. I’m not in any rush to have grandchildren, but my first WDW experience was at the Polynesian with my grandparents when WDW first opened. My kids had their first WDW experience with their grandparents along. Some day my future grandchildren will enjoy their first WDW experience with us, and I will get to experience Disney with children who are young enough to believe it’s all real.

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Thank you so much for sharing! I’m looking forward to many wonderful trips!


That is great! We are thinking about doing the same. Does anyone know, are there 1 bedrooms at the Poly?

No, studios or bungalows only :frowning:

Thanks. Any idea why?

I’m guessing space. They reconfigured the standard rooms into studios in 3 (?) of the buildings, and built the bungalows out front on the water. Maybe just too much work in converting rooms into 1, 2 and 3 bed villas?