So I am working on my "Dashboard" . . . and I am stuck

I created a “Trip” and named it and everything.
and it’s for 3 days, and I can select Park(s) for each Day.
But now how/can I “Add Plan” that I have already previously created/edited/customized?

It’s in my list of “My Personalized Touring Plans” . . . but I can’t seem to attach it to one of the Days in my Dashboard. I can open the plan . … it looks good . . but I can’t attach it to my Trip.



Are your plans set for the days of your trip? Mine seem to show up automatically?

I am not sure what you mean by “Plans” . . TripPlans, yes?
I set up one for the first day, haven’t set up for the other days yet.

And can’t I begin with some “Standard” Touring Plans instead of customizing stuff from scratch?

On your TP did you edit and select one of the dates that correspond with a day of your trip? When I do this it shows automatically.

Here is my dashboard:s

You can see that - it has added my park and a link to my touring plans on the right of the box.

Edited to fix all the times I have messed this up!

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You intuit’d correctly. I had dates of trip NE days of TP’s . . . :dizzy_face:

Now, it’s working