So... how many new countdowns were created today?

smile one for me... 382 days!

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I'm hoping me too - but my poor TA is doing the trip requests in date order. Our dates are April 30th - May 9th so I might not hear from her till tomorrow smile no worries! 275 days!!!

261 days! Only booked one part today. Will wait for RO offers before booking the rest.

Not fully a new count down since I already had my race registration for marathon weekend, but I booked my room.

161 days till POFQ! (For now, I'm anticipating at least one resort switch in next six months)

I'm still trying to convince my DH to book the Contemporary for the 24 hour event. We'll see if I am successful!

I'm running my numbers right now. I feel like things have gone up significantly.

273 days here!!

Long wait here - 460 days Poly Club - at least it is a countdown......

Booked BWV today. 305 days to go. Thanks to GamourGirl for her help!!

We did! 340 more to go!