So either talk me down off the ledge or encourage the madness!

I was inspired by a recent post that resurfaced. It was about the WDW47 challenge. Now I know I will not be taking this challenge. Both physically and financially it is not realistic. But it really got me wondering what I could accomplish in a few days if I employed a few of these tactics.

Now keep in mind, I am a DLR veteran, but have never been to WDW. We had a trip scheduled in Dec '17, but had to cancel (it was very tragic!). DH, DS12 and DS14 really have no interest in rescheduling the trip (I am really questioning the maternity of my boys! If I wasn’t there, I would seriously have my doubts!). I have been toying around the idea of a solo trip. Because of DH’s work schedule, I would be limited to 4 days, including travel time. With the way current flights out of our area are, I would get in 4 pm EST on the arrival day and depart 5pm on my departure day. So that would get me 2 full days in the parks and maybe a half day on departure day. Not the ideal scenario to see WDW and to really take it in, but maybe a taste? Don’t care about the dining aspect (of course I have a few things I want to try, but no signature dining experiences. Things like the Citrus Swirl that we do not have on the west coast). I am not a huge show person, but would like to see things like HEA and illuminations. ROL sounds nice, but I think I could live without it. We have F! at DLR and not to start any turf wars, but I hear DLR’s is better, so I am cool with not seeing that either.

Which takes me to the challenge. If I utilized some of these tactics, I could really see quite a bit over 2 plus days. What are your thoughts? If I did this, I would want to book a time that allowed me the longest park hours possible. I know this usually means higher crowd levels, but with a good TP, I could do it, couldn’t I? I mean I would be solo, so I could do SR and I am assuming that it would be easier to pick up additional FPPs for one person.

So either talk me down off the ledge or encourage the madness!

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Have you thought about checking out a DCL (Disney) cruise with your family? They might not want to do the World, but they might not mind a few days on a ship in the Caribbean or Bahamas… with the Mouse. You could, since you’d be there and all, maybe get them to agree to a couple of days at WDW, maybe just the lands you don’t see in DLR?

Also give the kids time. They might just be in their “no-disney” phase right now. That could change next year.

In fact, it might change if you do your solo trip, because they might start getting jealous that you get this cool vacation without them. Just don’t let DH make it into a party without Mom treat for them or you’ll lose them forever. But if you could get them wishing they were going too, that could work in your favour.

Also, are both kids against WDW? Could you convince the younger one to go with you? You could do a one-on-one with one kid and when the other complains, add him in to your trip (who needs DH anyway?) Or just make it mother-son. Do something else with the other one.

See, there are lots of options that have you enjoying a Citrus Swirl in the World. :smiley:

You and I are cut from the same cloth! I have tried just about every suggestion you gave. No cruises with DH or DS12 EVER! I have tried…

They actually really like DLR, just not interested in WDW. DH is not a big traveler and I think I let him off the hook too long and now my youngest says he doesn’t want to travel either, Neither boy wants to go without the whole family, stating they prefer everyone there. I have taken mini trips before, so not too worried that it will be a party without me. In fact, dare I say, DH is too lazy to make it THAT fun. I am the one that usually plans our activies.

My last chance is going and they will be so intrigued/jealous that they change their mind. Fingers crossed that could work.

So DS14 wouldn’t go with you, if you say it’s a mother-son treat? If the other two don’t want to go, then it doesn’t leave you much choice, but why does he feel he has to suffer because his brother and dad don’t want to go?

Anyway, if no one else cares and no one else wants to go and you can afford the time and money, I’d do it. I dream of doing it, but my guys would be jealous if I took off to WDW without them, not because they are Disney-files, but because I’d be getting a vacation and they wouldn’t.

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Before I really began pondering this trip, I went to each of them to see if they had an issue with it and they all said it was fine. I might take my sister, but her work schedule is hectic and we wouldn’t know until about a month before if she could go. So for right now it is solo.

I’ve seen lots of solo trip report that looked like the person had a blast, so why not?

Ah, well. The problem with a solo trip is that you miss those who stayed behind. But I’d love to do a trip when I could just do what I wanted, like the tours, for example. I say, if the family’s okay with it, then go for it.

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heheh no you don’t. :wink: (well…you might. But I’m heartless so I didn’t miss anyone :stuck_out_tongue: )

If you have the ability for a solo trip, I would definitely do this. When you’re solo you can move so much faster so you’ll be able to take in more than when in a group, so yes you can see a GREAT big chunk of Disney World in that time.

When you’re solo, I think crowds are also a little bit less of an issues as well. You can zip through them and they only really become an issue when you’re stuck in line. So a solid TP and fastpass strategy will help out greatly.

Where are you thinking about staying?

My boys are surly teens right now. While I will miss them, I think it will be manageable :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not sure. Our original reservation was for CBR, but that was for the gift cards and free dining. Now I will try and see what deals I can get! Any suggestions?

Value, as you’re unlikely to spend much time in your room. Or Broadwalk/Beach Club to make them jealous. Swan/Dolphin might be an appealing compromise.

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My boys are surly teens right now. While I will miss them, I think it will be manageable :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We took a surly teen boy once upon a time and are still regretting it … LOL … now all these years later he is asking if we can take another family trip.

Coronado Springs and Caribbean Beach Resort are both under construction and are offering discounts. I personally liked Coronado Springs and although is may be considers a “moderate” resort it is definitely on the upper end of “moderate”. Last fall I didn’t find the construction to be objectionable.

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I’m a DL veteran too (we’ve engaged on that board). With only 1 WDW trip, I’m no expert, but did embrace the planning and logistics. I think solo, you could pull off a lot more than dragging a group, especially if your teenagers are anything like mine.
One suggestion was an Epcot hotel. That made a huge impact for us to easily hop.
Also, you can take in MK, but may not need to spend a disproportionate amount of time there. Check out some favorites rides, take in the differences, but overall do less there since you’ve done a lot of it at DL, and presumably will do again.
Our favorites were all but MK. Spent less time there than we had originally planned on.
With highlights and hoppers, you can do a lot.
My 2 cents… :slight_smile:

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We take them to DLR often, but not sure I want to fly across the country with all that!

I would love an Epcot hotel! I will have to see what kind deal I could score. Trying to figure what time of year would allow me to maximize my hours at the parks.

Thank you for the tips for MK. I do remember you from the DLR side! Yes, we will be back the DLR often, as that is home to us, but I want to experience the big W at least once.