So bored...What to do planning wise?

I am 3 days away. 3. Three. THREE

Normally I’d be spending hours on the computer, tweaking my fastpasses times, evaluating/optimizing my TP, retweaking my fastpasses.

I’m already packed.

Dinning set.

Just nothing to do but wait.

I kind of miss the pre-covid hecticness which helped pass the time :rofl:

Also, I’ve never done a trip report on the forum. I have on chat slightly but not here with pics. Should I try and do that this time? Would anyone care? :woman_shrugging:

So in closing, since I’m so bored…Hit me with your best joke. Extra points if it’s Disney related.


Knock knock

Who’s there?

Interrupting Cow

Interrupting Co…



Let me answer your second question first.

I think we would all agree that trip reports are arguably the most enjoyable part of these forums. So, yes. Definitely we’d care!

But this brings me back to the first question. It is fun to provide the trip report…but it was also a distraction. The first few days, I found myself less engaged with the trip. Even my wife noticed. As the trip went along, I found myself instead focusing more on enjoying the trip for myself, snapping pictures along the way, and then only posting/reading if we had a lull. I was happier this way, as I believe my wife was.

For our trip in December, I plan to keep the trip reporting to a minimum. It is about the wife and me. And the pressure of having a trip report is too much a distraction.


Also, trip reports are always welcome. Do it!!


I agree with @ryan1, definitely do a trip report, but don’t let it pull your focus from enjoying yourself. I did a report but waited until the evening to post a big wrap up of the day. I found the report actually made me enjoy the trip more as it kind of solidified the memories of what we did each day. Can’t wait to hear all about your trip!


That’s a great way to put it.

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I have done a post-trip short report, a live trip report and a post-trip detailed report. They all worked for me but they all fulfilled different purposes.

On trip 1 I was with friends (13 women :smile:). It was on WDW, and I was basically doing an efficiency report. I was very proud of how well planned that trip was and wanted to share the feeling. Days were extremely long and intense (EEMH, it was the first time going for most of my friends, we wanted to do everything in 3 days). Something short to express OMG we made it!!! was the right call.

Trip 2 was a solo day on Disneyland. Adrenaline was high for RotR, I needed to share the feeling. I was also fighting 9 hours of jetlag and trying to stay from rope drop to close (failed), so posting live updates and interacting with people who cared made my day much better.

Trip 3 was a contemplative smell-the-roses and reflect kind of trip. I took pictures there and then started my trip report on the train back home. Writing the trip report really helped to cement my memories.

Writing trip reports is always fun, but different trips call for different formats. Find what works best for yours :smile:


We have never quite made it from RD to close at DLR. When the hours are 8:00 AM - Midnight, that’s hard! We’ve routinely made it to about 11:00 or close (to 11:00), but that’s it.


I don’t do a live report, I do it when I get back. But if you do that you do risk forgetting some of the smaller details. On the other hand, I feel like it makes the magic last longer.

I don’t think I know any jokes. Not funny ones anyway!


I know all sorts of funny jokes . . . until I want to recall one. Then it’s uh, umm, ahem. I’ve made up tons of knock knock jokes.

But then, haven’t we all?

I’ve never done a trip report here at tp.

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As much as I love live trip reports——- I know my family would be annoyed if I ever did one.

So I’d either do at night or when I got back. Depends on your crew. But I would love to read yours!

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Mickey walks into the sacred place and tells the barkeep, “I’ll have a corona and a hurricane.”
Barkeep replies, “That’ll be $20.20.”



I did my first live report this year and I enjoyed it… But I didn’t try to post every minute. I just jumped on a couple times a day and posted what was going on with a few picks. Worked for me. If I wait until I get home I either don’t ever get to it, or it just post a short summary.

This time I ha e a nice recap I can go back to and I thibk it will be a nice way to remember the trip.


Agree!! I’m not even going to suggest it to my wife, I would get crazy looks like: :roll_eyes::angry:


My kids asking me … what are you doing? Are you on that Disney forum again?

Me … Yes, I am. Send me that picture of us … so I can post it.

Zero regrets. They don’t like me to post on FB and tag them. This trip wasn’t on FB AT ALL, so the forum was my only outlet. After we got home they read through my posts and got a good chuckle out of it.


I like to keep my obsession as private as I can :rofl:


Yes! My DH knows Im on a forum but would like to ignore my Disney addiction up until it affects him!


That’s funny!

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16 days to go…until I use a public washroom for the first time in 6 months :crazy_face: So, aside from that it’s when I head to WDW. We are planning what snacks to get where :joy::rofl: Excited that the fall items drop on our first day at MK.


I will practice my first report…currently waiting at my computer until 7am so I can check in to my flight :flight_departure: :european_castle: