Snow White dinner at Artist Point advice

Hi everyone!
Would you recommend going to the Snow White dinner from Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom? What’s the best way to get there? How long do you think it would take? We are a group of 7. Thanks for your help!

It is a short boat ride from MK. I think that is the easiest but the bus from AK is not difficult . I always allow an hour with the bus. Although it is about a 10 minute boat ride (I timed 9 minutes after MVMCP last month) I would allow 40 minutes in case you missed the boat.


I did this meal and took a Minnie Van both ways. But I was going from AOA. On our day they were running late with the Snow White meals, about a half hour, but this was over Thanksgiving week so it was very crowded. Lots of great stuff to see in the hotel however while waiting. We saw the geyser go off.

I’m with @PrincipalTinker. Allot an hour to get around by bus, once you get to the bus stop. It’ll be less stressful to take the bus, if you allot more time.

Two weeks ago, we went from HS to Wilderness Lodge for dinner at Artist Point by bus. It was about 30 minutes, once we got to the bus stop at HS. We had to wait for the bus. We actually only had 45 minutes to get to our reservations. We said we would Lyft, if the bus didn’t come within 10 minutes.

At AK, you also have the convenience to Lyft easily. The buses are on one side and Lyft is on the other side. Lyft ran us $8-12/trip, depending on distance and demand. You would need 2 cars, probably.


Thanks for everyone’s help with travel estimates! I very much appreciate your input!

Thanks for the reminder about the geyser! How often does it go off? Is there a schedule online somewhere?

We left from AK last February. We left AK around 4:50 for a 5:25 ADR at AP. It was later than I had planned. We made it to the check in for AP at exactly 5:25. In July we went to AP from AKL and took a Minnie Van. We left around 6:20 for our 6:50 ADR.

I think an hour is ideal for travel time from the parks. You will probably need more time if traveling via the buses from a resort (because you’ll have to take a bus from the resort to the park and then either a boat or second bus to WL).

I think it’s every hour on the hour, but I’m not really sure b/c it was my friend I was with who knew that stuff. It seemed to me like it was malfunctioning b/c at first it was just a little trickle but it eventually shot way high in the sky. Very cool, and very close to Artist Point.

It is every hour, a little past the hour. It is next to the pool. It did start off as a trickle.

Great! Thanks for info on the time! We’ll try to catch the geyser while we are over at Artist Point

If timing works, we also enjoyed the Electric Pageant. It shows up at WL around 9:30. But enjoy Story book Dining. We thoroughly enjoyed the abundance of food, the atmosphere, and the character interactions.