Snow White Dining on last day?

I currently have two Storybook Dining Reservations–one for Thursday at 5:45pm and one for Friday at 5:35pm–Friday being the last day of our trip (we will check out and head home the next morning). If I drop the Friday reservation, we would do Skipper Canteen at MK instead. I can’t decide if it would be better to have the big character experience on the last day, or if it would be a hassle to get from Wilderness Lodge back to MK to finish out the last night (MK closes at 10pm that day). I’ve never been to Wilderness Lodge, so I’m assuming we will need to take a bus or boat from MK…? I am excited about Skipper Canteen, too, but it doesn’t necessarily seem like a “big” last dinner. We LOVE table service meals and enjoy lingering over food while at Disney. I’m just worried that the evening will be rushed since the Snow White meal is at a resort instead of the park itself. Thoughts?

The magical thing about going to/from Magic Kingdom to Wilderness Lodge is that it is so easy! You take the boat (small launch directly as you leave MK) to WL. Even with a wait it rarely takes more than 30 minutes and if you give yourself extra time you can see the lobby, the Geyser, and the beautiful resort.


That is good to know! I was looking it up and wondering how long it might take, since our trip is in July. Thanks for the info. :smile:

plus, unless you’re staying at WL, you have to go back to MK anyway to catch transportation to your hotel.

I think the main issue is how long of the evening it might take, since it will be our last evening. In some ways, Skipper Canteen seems more seamless since it is already in the park and wouldn’t require additional travel time. I guess I am just waffling! We are definitely going to do the Snow White dinner, it’s just which day makes more sense…if that makes sense? lol