Snow to sunshine

77+ plus cms of snow in 24 hours…make no wonder you book multiple trips to Florida…Bring on the :sunny: in 6 weeks.


Are you from St. John’s, NL? If so, what an incredible and record breaking blizzard. Hurricane force winds, too! The images were crazy! Wherever you’re from, that amount of snow is paralyzing and difficult to comprehend.

For others who may be reading this, I’ll link some images from the storm (source: CBC), here:

The good news is that you are headed south fairly quickly to enjoy that sun and warmth! I share your excitement to leave winter behind.

All my best to you as you dig out.


Thanks yes it was quite the storm even for us.

This is where I live in ND. Global warming has caused a problem around here. I think it is too warm in the pole right now so the migration is on.

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