Snow machine?

Does anyone know where to order/buy a snow machine like they have at Disney at Christmastime? I am in Canada so obviously that would be easiest to purchase from but open to ordering from US or other?? BUT I need it in 3 weeks…Any help/guidance would be appreciated.

You need a snow machine…in Canada? Did the penguins steal yours? :smile:

This snow machine site may be helpful. I’d cross-reference with Amazon to read reviews.

Take photos of whatever you get, please, and post here.


Thought those snow machines were kicking out artificial snow? Something like liquid soap.

Haha @Lentesta! Our community has but in a bid to host the Canada Winter Games in 2019 and we have to host a winter themed event this August that we are graded on. I just can’t imagine a winter event in summer without that “bubble snow” that is in WDW at Christmas! Thanks for your reply.

Update: We ordered from and it didn’t arrive to our event on time due to a Fed Ex mistake. They sent it to India instead of Canada. LOL. It has arrived now (3 business days late) and seems to work well. It was best price wise to buy rather than rent just for future info.