Snorkel Mask at Typhoon Laggon

Everywhere I read says no personal gear on the Shark Reef. My husband is blind without his glasses and has a prescription snorkel mask. Zero percent chance they would let him use it??

I don’t see that on the Disney website, just that they are provided. I thought I read somewhere else (but can’t remember where so can’t find a reference) that you can bring your own mask/snorkel. I have the same issue as your husband.

Typhoon Lagoon bans personal gear to keep it from contaminating the reef with any outside biomaterial or chemicals. No matter how clean we think our stuff is, we might bring in an invasive algae or something similar that could damage the life. That’s also why we’re required to shower after getting gear but before hitting the reef. They need to ensure everyone does it.

You MIGHT be allowed if you let them clean your mask in their sanitizing solution, but they also may not be able to sanitize outside gear due to liability issues. It’s worth checking with Disney’s accessibility services when you arrive or check in to your hotel (assuming you’re staying on-site). If your husband is unable to see without his mask, then they may have solutions.