Snacks in Luggage

Has anyone had any luck packing a few “box type” snacks in their luggage? I was thinking about those dollar snack sized cups of cookies and crackers and such that are usually in the checkout aisle of the grocery store. I have a four year old who munches at night and in the morning, so I was thinking of throwing some snack type items in my suitcase, and maybe some bags of unpopped popcorn, and rice krispie treats. Would those items take up too much room? I didn’t think you were allowed food on your carryon bag, and since we are flying I want to make sure that I don’t break any of the rules last minute and have a hassle at the airport. Thanks in advance!

Mike wife is a champ at this. We usually fly SW to Orlando - and we have a small suitcase we use for “provisions” only. The key is to pack so things don’t get crushed. She packed bread in a shoe box (it was clean) once so it wouldn’t get crushed. No - no problem with the rules.

I’m pretty sure it’s just liquids that are restricted on flights. I would check with your airline but it’s usually fruits, meats etc that can cause a problem. My DS doesn’t like airline food so we usually pack cookies and chips for him to snack on…never had a problem.

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I meant to say on carry on bags :grinning:

Thanks for great ideas!

Great to know! Thanks so much. We are flying Southwest also.

When I flew to Europe there was no trouble with having packs of crackers and cookies in my carry-on bags. I asked a TSA guy and he said that food isn’t restricted, just liquids.

@tmarsha2 So we take a smaller bag for food going down and then it provides the perfect place for any souvenirs coming home. We aren’t big souvenir buyers - but every once in a while you get something and need the space.

We usually pack breakfast. Pop tarts, little muffins, PB and bread. I also take oatmeal and run the water through the coffee maker and add the oatmeal - works out great. Eating breakfast in the room saved $$ and also makes for a more relaxed / less rushed morning. We also take some “snacks” - almonds, chips, etc. Sometimes you just want a little “something” before going to bed.

Also having it in a single place as compared to being tucked betwix socks, underwear, and other unmentionables (although a bra does make a great make-shift nut cup) - however. When we get to the room - we just unzip the suitcase and it is all in one single place


Bet your DW loves you using the nut cup lol :smile:


If you have a bigger airport, you can purchase liquids/foods on the "“after” side of TSA security at vending machines or stores, and take them on the plane with you or in your carry-ons. That would be helpful for those flying on airlines that charge you for the soft drinks, like Spirit.

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Shhhh don’t tell her

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We fly SW and several times I have packed a small box and checked it. I took cereal,bowls, fruit snacks, juice boxes, bagels etc etc. I even made muffins and took those! Threw in a few containers of Pringles for late nights after the park munchies.Worked out really nice especially using curb side check in at the airport! Checked the box and didnt see it again til we got to our room! I just went around the box with duct tape to make a handle to attach the luggage tag and it worked perfect!
We also take some snacks in our carryon for the flight,

Secrets safe here…:wink:

Our standard is to pack an extra bag for snacks going down & souvenirs coming back. We pack normal snacks, plus the single serving size cereals & then buy milk on site - makes for a great quick breakfast in the room on days we don’t have a breakfast ADR or even a solid snack for those mid-afternoon breaks…

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We packed bfast items in kids’ pencil boxes in carry-on’s. Worked well to not crush pop tarts, granola bars, etc.


I take plane snacks all the time on flights everywhere. Any completely solid snacks (crackers, cookies, nuts, cereal, fruit snacks, etc) in packages are fine and cut up fruit/veg is okay in small quantities, as are sandwiches and meat sticks. Just make sure 1. it’s in a container of some sort, 2. you don’t overdo it on condiments (which have to be actually on the sandwich, not in any kind of container unless it’s < 3oz and in your quart size bag) and 3. there’s no liquid in the container at all. If your kid wants a fruit cup or whatever then you can still put in in their quart size bag as long as it’s less than 3oz. No aerosol cheese, or any other aerosol of any kind (including sunblock or bug spray) is allowed in a carry on so pack those in the checked bags.

One key is to make sure the items are in the smaller “personal item/bag” that does not get stowed in the overhead, so you’ll A. have easy access for the entire flight and B. not risk it being trapped in a bag that gets checked at the gate due to size or lack of space or whatever.

I’ve taken plenty of snacks in my carry on bag. Just no drinks. You can put just about any food items in your checked bags.

Thanks so much for the great ideas!

On my last trip, I triple ziplocked bottles of Diet Pepsi and put them in my checked suitcase. I have to admit, I was sweating a little bit, but it worked out great. In fact, the drinks survived better than my brand new expensive suitcase. They broke the handle.

Before we discovered garden grocer my mom would always pack her 2-cans-a-day of Pepsi in her checked bag, wrapped in clothes. It always made it, but I always worried!