Snacks and drinks in Universal parks

Anyone with experience bringing food into Universal parks? I know it says snacks ok but not picnics. Seeing as how that could be arguable depending on your idea of a snack. . . I’m just wondering what others have brought in to offset costs and times waiting to order food in park.

Its very similar to the seaworld policy. Single serve pack sizes and individual cereal bars fruit etc are fine. It really depends on who you get at security. If you do have a problem with anything it will be with sandwiches and similar. We have taken in filled baguettes before with no problem and the guest next to us had to bin hers. Would recommend the 3 broomsticks or leaky cauldron for cs in parks and Mythos or Finnigans for ts in parks. Ts prices are very reasonable We were $80 inc tip at Finnegans for 4 and that included 2 Guinness. We take in chips, dried fruit, crackers, fresh fruit, sometimes cheese cubes and cerial bars for snacks and then eat at one of the above.