Snacks and drinks in parks

I’m planning on bringing small snacks and water bottles into the parks. When I’ve been before we stayed off site and had a freezer so I could bring the frozen cooler packs to keep everything cold in our insulated bags. But this time, we’re staying at All Star Movies - so no freezer. Any tips for keeping things cold while in the parks? We will be there 11/6-11/10.

I’m speaking of Pop here, but thinking ASM might have same fridges – on several occasions those fridges have frozen my food! So you might get lucky that way! :slight_smile: I don’t bother with cold packs anymore. Instead I bring snacks that can get warm, and get ice from QS if needed for drinks. But I think a kid’s school lunchbox with a cold pack might work fine.

I bring ziploc bags and grab some ice from the ice machine or soda dispensers in the morning. To prevent leaks, I usually put a med freezer bag full of ice inside a large freezer bag (and then dump it or drink it when it has melted).


So smart!! :slight_smile: I :heart: ziplocs.

The mini fridge can be hit or miss. Our fridge at POR would freeze our water bottles which was awesome. At, POP, it barely got the water slightly chilled. I have also used the ice in Ziploc bags. A word of caution though is that it sweats. Don’t put it near anything you don’t want wet. One day I wrapped the bags in hand towels which helped and then we had nice cold towels for our necks too.