Snack - QS substitute

We are trying the deluxe dining plan this year, 3TS, 2 Snacks per day. Doing some 2TS ressies a few days so may want a QS one day. I think I have read here that 3 snacks can be exchanged for a QS is that correct or does it only work in reverse ie a QS can be exchanged for 3 snacks? It doesn’t suggest either in the 2016 deluxe dining plan. Thanks!

It only works the other way but often items you could have for breakfast such as a bagel are a snack.

Yes that’s what we did last year and it worked out well! Just wanted to know the options. Thank you!

ok and to this final point can I convert one of my Deluxe DP TS to 2 QS?

No, on the the deluxe plan you get three credits a day that can be used for TS or CS. It is a better value to use them for TS, especially since you get an appetizer with the TS meals.

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I had a pre-RD at BoG two mornings and those were fitting nicely in the plans will see what else we can come up with. Did not know apps included on TS – will read the fine print. Thanks!

Apps are not included on the regular dining plan but on the deluxe plan with 3 meals a day they are.

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