Smugglers Run Tips?

How accommodating are cast members in the MFSS line if you ask to drive? Even if that means waiting a bit longer? I know that single riders have no real say in where they sit but if you LL or SB will they let you wait and drive if you really want to?


So, i just had experience with this 2 weeks ago. We were assigned engineers and my friend just kinda said “oh man” in disappointment. The CM said wait…and then assigned us as pilots on the next one. So I bet if you ask nicely, they’ll accommodate if they can.


Definitely worth asking, and they will try to accommodate you if they can. As you said, single riders can’t really make requests, but standby or LL can.

…and sometimes you just gotta say something around the people you were assigned with. They did not want to be pilot so we switched.


We were there two weeks ago and my husband and son asked if they could be pilots and the cast member just held them to the next group and then put them first.

Generally I’ve found that where possible they’ll try to be as accommodating as they can, as long as you’re polite. We also asked to go in the back on Big Thunder and to get a red and blue shooter on Toy Story Mania (…kids) and they had no problems with either request, we just had to wait until the next go-round.


Know that the pilot controls are not full-motion like ones in regular aircraft. The left one only controls left-right motion, and the right pilot controls the up-down - and the lever for going into hyperspace. The up-down motion is like real aircraft, where pushing it away from you (an upwards motion on this ride) pushes the nose down, and pulling it toward you (a downward motion) pulls the nose up so you go up.

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Also something I learned last time is that if you’re going with a kid they recommend the kid be on the left - my son had decided he wanted to be the “up down” pilot but the cast member put him as the left right one, possibly because she worried he wouldn’t be able to reach the hyperdrive lever.


This has generally been my experience too. As someone who never wants to be pilot, I’m happy to give it up - and decline it when offered. My son was disappointed to not be gunner last week but the other people in our party offered him the role.


On our first time through, DD and I were engineers. So, the 2nd time, we asked to be pilots. The CM just had us stand aside until she was filling the next one.