Small shopping request - Splash Mountain Ears Ornament

Happy Tuesday! I am not new to Liners but am new to the forum (this place is GREAT - thanks to @DisneyDayDreamin for introducing me to it) . I have a small shopping request for someone who will be in the parks soon. Like everyone else, we have had to cancel trips this year…now thinking we won’t be in our happy place until next summer. Would someone who is there or is going soon be willing to pick up one (1) Splash Mountain Ear ornament if you see it? It would be a gift for my youngest DS…he is a HUGE Splash Mountain fan. I don’t know that this would fall into the Fair Godmailer category would it? I have seen them on eBay - I don’t mind paying a little more but, wow, those resale prices are crazy. I preapologize if this is the incorrect way to request something like this. Thank you for your time!


Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to the Forum! I had to look up what the Splash Mountain Ear ornament looks like and saw a 7 Dwarfs one I like! :heart_eyes:

Is it this one?

Anyhow, I think the reason why it is so pricey on ebay is that it was a hot item from last year. Disney changes most ornaments every year. And the popular ones sell out super fast. When we were in WDW the 2nd week of December last year, the 2019 dated ornaments were sold out. 2020 dated ornaments were being sold in December 2019. MVMCP ornaments were sold out by our party on December 8th and Festival of the Holiday ornaments were sold out by the time we made it to Epcot a week later.

If that is not the correct ornament, post a picture and maybe someone can show it to a CM at Guest Services. Best wishes! I wish I was in WDW to help you look.

This is the ornament - they had them on July 10th for the AP preview but when I was back during our trip on the 16th, they were all sold out so I couldn’t pick one up.
They were in the Splash Mountain gift shop but I even looked in the Christmas Shop and no luck.

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Good morning! Yes @stlouie, that is the ornament. You make a great point about them selling out. @DisneyDayDreamin saw them a couple of weeks ago but I know that Splash items are disappearing. If it works out, that would be great! I really appreciate the welcome to the forum!

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Thank you @PrincipalTinker!