Small Disney Countdown gift ideas

Hello liners! I’m looking for some small and budget-friendly countdown gifts for our vacation. Obviously no gifts are the most budget friendly, but definitely not as fun. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Our daughter does not know, but we are taking a family trip to WDW at the end of October and will be celebrating her 8th birthday on Halloween while we are there. This will be her first full trip there (beyond one day at Magic Kingdom).

We have decided to do a 30 day “advent” of sorts countdown calendar with items that she will need or can use for the trip. I have a few ideas put together below, but could still use some more. Any input would be great!

Gum for the plane
Plane ride activities
Disney band-aids
Disney water bottle
Disney pjs
Disney socks/ underwear
Disney ears
Disney gift cards
Cooling towel
Halloween necklace
Disney in-home movie choice coupon for leading up to departure date
Disney tattoos/ stickers
Starbucks giftcard so she can get a Cinderella Chai tea in the park
Wrapped Magic band


Glow sticks from dollar store. They have Mickey Mouse ones at ours. Also Minnie and Avengers.
Also ear shaped glow stick headbands sometimes.


Would she like a lanyard or autograph book?


I just did this for my nephews. The first gift was a Mickey drawstring bag, which game them a place to put their gifts, and they can use it in the parks or for the trip. I also did Disney luggage tags, and the Disney I-spy card game. I also found a few things at the Character Warehouse, but that’s probably not helpful for you. When is your trip? You could put some park maps in one or two of the gifts… maybe a kind liner would pick them up for you. My nephews are 5 and 7… maybe too young for maps, but I included a few prompts…”how many Mickey heads can you find” and things like that.


She has the autograph book already. What might she use the lanyard for? That’s a great idea… just not sure how to use it. Any suggestions?

Becky, our trip is in 31 days! :exploding_head::heart_eyes:

I love these ideas! Thank you!

I actually just went through my things and I have current park maps for all 4 parks. I would be happy to mail them to you. I also have a little flyer/guide thingy for MNSSHP. Would you like me to send that too? Just PM me your address. I can slip them in the mail tomorrow or Tuesday if you want them.

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oohhhh and if you are planning on meeting the princesses or eating at one of the castles you could get a tiara at Walmart or Amazon, and wrap it up with a note from one of the princesses that says she can’t wait to meet your daughter. (If she’s into princesses).)

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Such a fun idea! How about disney themed nail decals? Pins/lanyard if she’d like pin trading? Sorcerers of the magic kingdom cards if she might like to play that? If she doesn’t already have one, maybe a travel toiletry case (disney themed or not) and toiletries to go in it? Maybe a hidden mickey’s book if she’d like looking for them?

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Becky, I would LOVE that! Thank you so much! I will send you a PM.

Lol, how do I send you a PM in the forum?

Love these ideas!

You just click on the person’s name, and then “message” in the box that pops up. I just sent you a PM so you should be able to just respond to that. :slight_smile:

Love this idea! Our trip isn’t until next summer but it would be fun to give a little gift on big countdown days (200, 100 etc.). And I think our Elf on a Shelf might just bring a little something this year too :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for the idea!

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It is definitely proving fun! Our DDs bday is Halloween, so we did a “very merry unbirthday” gift of a scavenger hunt, leading to the announcement of our family trip, attached to a countdown chain. She turns in each chain piece for a new “countdown” gift bag/box each day after school. It’s been fun so far!


This. Even if not going to trade, can score a few of her favorite characters (or just get the lanyard, and look for favorite pins in the parks).

Also toothbrushes, toothpaste, hairbands, brush, etc, all Disney themed of course.