SM, BTMR early entry good idea?

If we got in line early at 7:30 AM April 3, could we get in Space Mountain and then Big Thunder afterwards with little wait, or are there better options?


Big Thunder isn’t open for Early Entry (maybe you know that, but I couldn’t tell). I like to RD SM at EE, but you may be able to squeeze a second ride in before rushing over to Big Thunder for regular RD.


Occasionally SM has a delayed opening, but otherwise that could work.

We were there March 9, got into the park at 8:45 am (with a 7:30 am opening) and went straight to BTMRR. It was a walk on. We then went to HM. Walk on. Then went to Pirates, and it was about 20 minutes maybe.

So, getting there at 7:30 should give you SM without issue. But then leave Tomorrowland and focus on Frontierland and AdventureLand because most of the crowds stick to TL and Fantasyland first thing.

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In my experience its a good amount of the time its delayed- We usually ride Buzz and people mover, SM when it comes up and Tron and head right to BTMR- usually a walk on.

That is a great plan for EE + first regular ride. I would recommend squeezing in Tron with a BG if you plan to ride that! The VQ return line is shortest first thing in the morning. The first BG is called 15 minutes into EE so you could conceivably do SM and Tron before regular hours start.