Slinky Dog - Fast Pass availability

just curious…have folks been able to easily get FPs for this attraction??

is FOP still hard to get??

Slinky seems to be slightly easier than FoP, 60+2 is possible for later on in the day for example.

FoP is no easier to get, unless they extend park hours. There were a lot of very happy people when they added EMH for May and June.


I am keeping my fingers crossed - I am going in September and my HS day will be 60+5, my AK day is 60+6. :slight_smile:


That should be fine for both, I wouldn’t anticipate any problems at all for that far into your trip. :smiley:

I am also going alone so I think that should make it a bit easier - only 29 days until FP day LOL

I’m going in November and have the same park days as you. I think we will be fine for Slinky and FOP.

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