Slinky Dog Family of 5


HI We are 2 adults and 3 kids ages 4, 5 and 7 all meet height requirements for Slinky Dog. Will we all be able to ride slinky at the same time? In other words, can an adult and 2 kids ride together or is it only two seater? Any families of 5 have advice on this? I dont guess they let you ride switch three times do they? Trying to figure out how to do this.


The 7 year old is old enough to ride solo. So split adults with the 4 and 5 year olds. The 7 year old would be potentially paired with another single rider, but you could all ride at the same time.


Or you could have the 7 year old ride with one of her siblings and one of the adults could ride solo. I did this with my 7 and 3 year old on 7DMT in January.


They let you do that? By the rules, the 3 year old is supposed to ride with someone 14 or older…


That’s the rule, but you never know for sure what they’ll do on any given day. My kids 8 and 6 were not allowed to ride together on Barnstormer, but were allowed on Buzz Lightyear, and then were not allowed to ride together (without me) on the Teacups.


Thanks yall this is relieving!! Thankfully my 7 yo is fearless :slight_smile:


I guess because we were all on the same car? They counted the two rows together as one? I don’t know. The girls rode right in front of me and I held on to my oldest because I knew she was nervous.


Some CMs are ok with same car, some aren’t. It’s inconsistent.


When I was in the line for SDD last month, they separated us into odd and even groups. Odd groups were sent down one lane and evens down another. The CM assigning seats would make the odd person from two groups sit together. I’m not sure if this makes sense but just know that your extra child will have someone sitting with them. The whole time I was in line I never saw a dog that had any empty seats.