Slinky Dog Dash

What is your best guest for the wait time for Slinky Dog Dash assuming RD on 7/3? RD would be for EMH. At +60 FPP wasn’t available till after 5:00. we are planning to PH to MK to see “DISNEY’S CELEBRATE AMERICA - A FOURTH OF JULY CONCERT IN THE SKY” not looking forward to the CL10. 2nd question what is the chance of being denied entrance into MK around 5:00-7:00 pm?

Grab the FP and try to modify

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If you are at EMH RD really early to be at the front of the pack you’ll be OK; but who knows how many hours before RD that might be less than a week after TSL opens. I’m predicting that within 30 min of opening the line will be 90 min-plus…

If you are staying on site you should be fine to get in. Even in a phased closing on-site guests are the last to be denied entrance. I just looked up a total max capacity closure at MK and TP has it not happening since 2009