Slinky dog dash line

i’ve never waited SB for SDD, but Its looking less and less like I’m going to get a fast pass come thursday when my window opens.
so my question is, how long is the wait posted on MDE vs the actual wait… do you find the line moves faster or slower?

note: i won’t be rope dropping or doing EMM this trip due to the sleeping habits of a certain 5 year old and how she handled the early mornings last trip!!

Look at the Touring Plan Lines app, the estimated vs official posted times should give you an idea.

I only did SB at RD so I’m not sure what the time actually was.

I found the wait time to be pretty spot on. It’s not the quickest moving ride and they let on a lot of FPP.

My FPP day was last Wednesday and I just peeked at the Dibb and it already looks better than it did a week ago. I am hoping that it’s just buildup from the summer and that the predicted low crowd level holds…even then my TP predicts an hour in line. :pensive:

In Nov MDE and TP were both posting the same time. We waited twice (70 and 65 minutes) and it was not so bad. The sun was brutal but there is quite a lot of shade. Also, with the interactive games on the Disney Parks app it really wasn’t so bad. :slight_smile:

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We used a FP for SDD around 8pm, then rode it SB a bit later. The posted time was accurate, but compared to TP it was actually a little faster. It also can change quickly. So if you see it’s a 20 minute wait (like we did) jump on it. We went about half an hour before closing and the line built quickly after that, probably because everyone knows if you get in line before closing they’ll let you ride.

thanks all,
follow up, just checking TP and DIBB and both say SDD distribution of FP is done. Curious to know have you ever got it even though both indicate that distribution is over?
Fast pass day tomorrow morning!

I was not able to get one on FPP day (HS was 60 + 1) but I picked up an evening FPP a few days later by modifying.

Good luck!