Slideshow on DVD

I am looking at / thinking about making a slideshow on a DVD that have music and photo of my trip that plays on a regular DVD player. I am wanting to know if anybody have any suggests for free program to use on the computer to do this. Thanks!

I don’t know, but I’m interested as well. I’m sure my kids would watch something like that over and over again!

@ThreeBuddies I ask the question over in the original chat and somebody said windows movie maker. I googled and downloaded for free. I then watch a few YouTube videos to see how to use it. I made a short video to test it out and it wasn’t too hard to do. Now I can begin my trip video. Hope this help you!

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If you have access to MS Powerpoint, you can make a slideshow presentation with music and effects. You then save it as a video file and burn that video to a DVD that can be played on any DVD player. Microsoft Support

Thanks @MissingDisney. I’ll have to check that out. (As well as @brklinck’s suggestion)