Skyliner wait times

Has anyone experienced long waits for the skyliner at park closing or rope drop ? We are staying at Caribbean Beach in April. Thanks !

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The line gets long but moves really fast. Maybe 15-20 minute wait for me back in early January. Maybe not even that long

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Concerned mostly about park closing at Epcot and HS. Would those be the the 15-20 minute waits you’re talking about ?

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We waited maybe 10 minutes at Epcot after fireworks in early December. The line looked long, but it moved continuously.

Yes, immediately after HS closing, walking out with the masses.

Not sure about RD (never used Skyliner at that time). We used it to get to breakfast at Riviera one morning at 730 (HS opened at 7, Epcot opened at 9) and it was a walk on. Also, during the day it is usually a walk on as well.

I left when Epcot closed last night. Line looks long but it did move quickly. We were right in the middle of the masses and it took between 15-20 minutes. Also, the skyline is working at Mach speed that time of night…we got home to AoA way faster than we did during the afternoon.

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Used it after Fireworks at Epcot in October, and the line looks long, but it is completely deceiving, because you continuously move. We were seated with another family, because they will try to do that when the line is long, but we really enjoyed talking with them, and when we transferred, we asked to be together. I would much rather wait in a moving line like that, then for a bus that you never know when it’s coming.

We also used it after Fantasmic! and it was a walk on for us, because we were in the back of the theater and we walk fast, so we were ahead of any of the crowd.

I rode Skyliner at close of park from HS to AoA. The line looked substantial but moved continuously. From the time I stepped into the queue until I arrived at AoA was 13 minutes.

What have the hours been as of late? I’m interested in getting from Pop to HS and Epcot for opening but don’t need to get there exorbitantly early.

The signs by the skyliner this week say it opens at 8 am.

Yes, I am wondering if we would be able to use the Skyliner to be at HS an hour before rope drop.

As of last week, you definitely could not use the skyliner to be at DHS before RD. Extra buses were running to DHS between 7-8 AM to account for the crowds, and I had no problem getting to DHS by 7:30 from Pop by bus.