Skyliner to HS

Staying at CBR soon and working on HS plans… we’re not going early to RD anything, but like everyone else we want to get a BG for ROTR. I’ve seen conflicting reports on Skyliner hours. HS park open is 8:00 for our dates. When I called WDW I was told the Skyliner will be running “about an hour” before park open, which would be 7:00 - theoretically giving us plenty of time to get to HS and get into the park. But I’ve seen other references to the Skyliner starting up at 7:30, which is cutting it too close. Can anyone shed any light on this?


Can’t help with skylines question, but welcome. All I can say is whatever transportation you take make sure you in park for opening.

If you want to be there for park opening you will need to either be ready to catch the first bus or use a ride share / drive to DHS.

The Skyliner doesn’t start running early enough to be sure of getting there on time.


The other thing to remember is to build in enough time for bag check/tapstiles. Granted, it was at the busiest time of the year, but in February we were anxiously awaiting our cousins being dropped off at HS while we were waiting. The arrived just after 7:30am and we managed to get through by 7:53am - cutting it very close.

I don’t know if this is sacrilegious to post a link to another Disney site here, but Josh at did this from Pop about a week ago. Sounds like he was a little late getting in the park but did get a BBG. He was coming from Pop, so you would do better coming from CBR, but it sounded like the Skyliner opened at 7:30 for a 8am opening

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I just spent the last 2 nights of my trip at Pop. The skyliner does not open until 7:30. By 7:15 the line was almost to the pool and I am sure the same on the AoA side. It is about a 10 trip to HS. Given you need time to go thru security and tap in I would not count on getting there before 8

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Nope! We all do it so ppl don’t think we’re making it up. I often get asked, “What’s your source?” So I usually post a link or a picture from other places.

Love Josh! His RD articles on RD are spot on! I wish Walt Loved Podcasting was still airing.

2/27 at Pop it started running at 7:30 for an 8 am open.