Skyliner to Epcot in the morning question

We are staying at Art of Animation and one morning we scheduled the buffet breakfast at Cape May at 8:40 AM - With Epcot opening at 10:00(technically 9:30 for on-site guests) will the skyliner operate by 8:00 AM so we can use it to go eat breakfast or will it start later to EP since it doesn’t open until 9:30? Will we have to use other transportation to get there? Thanks for your help!

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Skyliner starts running an hour before park opening, including early entry for resort guests. You don’t say when you are going but check park hours frequently, they do change.

My breakfast reservation is at 8:40, so I was thinking of getting the skyliner at 8:00 to the gateway and walk over to the Beachclub resort(where Cape May is) I guess it is not possible because if what you say is true, skyliner to EP won’t start until 9:00? I can hope they switch EP opening to 9:00 and then I would be able to take skyliner, but for now I would need transportation outside of Disney (which seems silly for a breakfast at 8:40) I’m told busses don’t run from AOA to EP or HS with the skyliner available (which it really won’t be for me the time I need it) Just more money I have to spend which is ridiculous.

I worded that wrong, you can add on the extra 1/2 hour, so they would start at 8:30 for a 10 opening. Does cut it close but I would try if it were me.

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Thanks, I’ll ask the front desk when we get down there to see what hey think as well.

When does HS open that day? If it opens earlier, you could Skyliner to HS and then walk from there.


Good idea, and I was able to bump my reservation to 8:55 so I should be fine now for sure. Thank you!