Skyliner soft opened?

You can’t stay on at a terminus station to go back again. You’d have to get off at CBR and then go to the the other side to board again.

And also, if anyone is in the World now, there was a short period of soft openings today alongside the CM family and friends previews. So it would be worth heading to one of the stations tomorrow if you have the time. You might be lucky!


No. I think you meant: @Nicky_S always seems to know everything



Makes sense - thanks! Assuming the boarding lines are quick, will probably still give it a try during our visit - a few minutes of “quiet time” in the air. Haha.

<looks around nervously>

I feel like that was a veiled insult. :pleading_face: Maybe I’m being paranoid?

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Quite the opposite!

Yes. Yes you are! :slight_smile:

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I feel like you know everything and that’s a compliment!

I was so sad that the Skyliner wasn’t open when we were at CBR, and then with the heat and weather I was happy, and now that I read the reviews I’m a bit sad again. Ah well.

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You’re a fountain of knowledge! Definitely no insult intended.


You make comments like that and 3 people heart your post. Now you have to interpret them. Good luck!


Thanks, I figured that was the case.

I hope you didn’t mind me calling you to the thread. You’ve always had the best info on the topic.

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Thanks guys, I’m all embarrassed now.


off topic but watching that video the family didn’t even fold the stroller up. I wonder if that won’t be required when riding.

I think that’s what I had read. Little kids are probably safer boarding in the stroller than walking.

You can walk in with a stroller no larger than 30” x 48” according to an article I read.