Skyliner Questions

1- Our fave rooms are POP 60’s in the 5000’s building, lake view. Will we be losing our great view? Will we be losing our Standard Room rate since the Skyliner is RIGHT there??

2- Any more rumors of when it will open? We are going the end of November this year…? It would be smart of them to have it open before Star Wars, and the Thanksgiving/Christmas before would test how well it works with a lot of people.

It is slated to open in 2019, probably around fall but no firm dates. In other words, around the same time as Star Wars: Galaxy Edge or before. Not 2018.

Almost certainly this will be the next step towards abolishing the value, moderate and deluxe resort categories. Expect price increases at POP and AOA, plus CBR.

Views? Not sure. It won’t be going really high, just high enough to clear anything in it’s path. The stations will be at ground level, so on the bridge in this case, and then rise steeply out of the station to it’s “flying” height.