Skyliner from The Riv to HS

Hey~ what time does the line start forming at the Riviera for HS RD these days? Also, do we know what time they start loading the skyliner? I know I could ask the CMs at the Riv, but they’ll just say their standard 30 min answer.

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I think since that is part of the Epcot line, they don’t start running the gondolas until 1 hour before Epcot posted opening. Not sure how early they’ll let you line up, but if you really want to be toward the front, probably 30 minutes before that?

Okay. You are saying that they don’t run the Skyliner until an hour before Epcot opens? So they don’t run it for HS opening?

Epcot “opens” at 11 on Saturday, HS at 9. So the SL starts running at about 10?

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They don’t run the Epcot line until an hour before Epcot opens. They run the HS line (AofA/Pop>CBR>HS) about an hour before HS opens. Riviera to CBR is part of the Epcot line, but you could walk to the CBR station and hop on there earlier in the day.

Got it. Thanks!

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It’s been a couple months, but when we were there the RR-CBR line started between 7:30 and 7:45 for a 9:00 posted Park opening.


Thank you!

This contradicts what I said - sorry for providing bad info. So @brinksan, they are running the Riviera to CBR line before HS opening? I think that means they have to run the whole Epcot line because it’s all interconnected, but they don’t let people on at the International Gateway until 1 hour or so before Epcot opens. Interesting …

“ but they don’t let people on at the International Gateway until 1 hour or so before Epcot opens.”

That doesn’t make sense either.

They must let people on at the IG because resort guests at BC, YC, BW, S&D can all take the Skyliner to DHS. Or could have ADRs at RR.

What they could do, perhaps, is refuse to let people on the Epcot line at CBR unless they have an ADR at either RR or one of the Epcot resorts.

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When we took the skyliner from CBR at rope drop, there were some people who were at least getting in the queue for Epcot but I am not sure if they were able to board or if they were held as we immediately boarded the HS skyliner.


I was told they do not allow BW area guests to use the Skyliner to get to HS for rope drop. I could have been lied to … But also I never got confirmation from a guest that they were able to board at IG until the hour or so before Epcot opened.

P.S. I agree it doesn’t make sense though. They should make all the lines open for people to use freely at least an hour before the first park opens.

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I know people who have had ADRs at RR were allowed to board at the IG.

Who was it who told you you can’t use it to rope drop from the IG? Was that at a BW resort or at the Skyliner itself?

I’d be disappointed, and annoyed, if they didn’t let people rope drop at DHS via the Skyliner. The boats don’t carry enough people to get many there for rope drop. And not everyone will, or can, walk.

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This is correct.


I was told by a Skyliner CM in the evening before we planned to rope drop from BCV that the Epcot line did not start running until 1 hour before Epcot opening. I saw the Skyliner running around the time we were walking (7:40am), but it was too risky / far to walk all the way over to see for myself (also too far to see people on board). Also, the ferry never did start running until at least 8:15am (too late for rope drope).

I’m not sure we made the wrong decision by walking - it was far but it was within our control and we didn’t have to wait at the CBR transfer station - but it would have been nice to have the option.

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Yeah, I agree. I wouldn’t rely on it either.

But I still think it should be an option.

Of course, when things return to normal and Epcot starts opening again at 9am then it won’t be a problem. Still not sure I’d rely on it though!

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Yes. You don’t get to the front of the line for the CBR - HS run, but it’s a little more than a short walk from RR to the CBR station, so it was worth it to us to be behind the pack by a little to save that walking for our littles and my (older) parents.

We were still reasonably far up at the HS temp check line; we’re not as commando as some. :wink:

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