Skyliner from HS to EPCOT re rope drop Ratatouille

Planning to arrive at International Gateway 15 minutes prior to Early Entry start via Skyliner. How long a wait for Ratatouille. The TP app says 24 minutes on a Level 5 day. But if at Gateway entrance 15 minutes early surely it is less. Yes or no? Thx in advance.


Probably. At rope drop TP assumes worst case scenario.

If you arrive 15 minutes prior to EE, I’m not confident you’ll even be tapped in when EE starts. Keep in mind a high percentage of the EE guests will have the same plan as you.

I was there on a level 6 day last month and arrived at the CBR Skyliner station one hour before EE. That put us at the front part of the small island between France and UK for RD. I’m sure we could have been further up if we had been more aggressive moving through the first area after the gate. There were a lot of people behind us though, mostly heading to Remy.

RD happened about 15 minutes before EE and we were off the ride 10 minutes after EE officially began. So our Remy wait was ~20 minutes. We walked past a very very long line when we moved onto the next thing. I’m guessing many of those people were at the IG 15 minutes early. My two cents…


If I were wanting to be at the front of the pack for rope drop I’d be at the International Gateway at least 30 mins prior to EE. I wouldn’t be surprised at all for a 24 minute wait or longer if you get there only 15 mins prior as there will normally be a large number of people ahead of you at the tapstyles.

You need to be at IG at least 30-45 minutes prior to Early Entry. I’ve been off Remy before EE every even officially starts at least three times.

If you don’t get there until 15 minutes before EE you might be waiting 45 minutes or more.

We had similar arrival plans and timing as you on a mid-level crowd day. We waited about 30 minutes which means the app is probably right. It was longer than I expected, but got us moving to the next ride by 8:45. I remember that day that FEA was down all morning so we had to pivot instead of going there after Remy. It all worked out OK!