Skyliner Down During Riviera Stay

We found out about a month ago that the Skyliner will be down for maintenance for majority of our trip to Riviera. It’s our first time staying there and we are so bummed. Wish they’d announce these things at least 6 months out, we booked at 7 months with some friends who do not have DVC, so they can’t pivot plans.

Any tips or tricks with buses? I read somewhere that Beach Club runs buses to skyliner resorts during storms, would this also be the case during maintenance? We were really looking forward to using the international gateway more than anything.

It is a total bummer that they didn’t announce this sooner. The Skyliner is usually down for a week each January, but most people wouldn’t know that before booking. :frowning:

We had one day at CBR in January when the SL was closed - buses were offered for all of the parks. You will be able to take a bus from Riviera to each of the parks - the downside here is that for EP, it will take you to the front of the park, not to international gateway. I’m sorry - what a disappointment.