Skyliner closing time?

Just booked a late-night dessert ADR at Beaches and Cream, and wondering if I will be able to use Skyliner to get back to Pop afterwards around 11:30ish. I’m assuming no Skyliner that late and will need Uber. However, DW will be meeting me there FROM Pop and would need to be using Skyliner around 10:30. So, what is the latest anyone has seen the Skyliner running? I’d rather not pay for Uber there and back just for ice cream.

Also relevant: Epcot closes at 9, but HS will have EMH until 11 that night

The skyliner hours changed between a day or two before our visit and the middle of our visit. So, whatever you find out be sure to check back when it’s time to go. When I was there over Thanksgiving it closed at 1030 pm but I’m pretty sure they’ll eventually extend the hours. It was still iffy whether or not it would be open when we went.


I guess worst case scenario, DW could take the bus to HS and walk. And we could do the reverse on the way back.

Here now at Pop. Times Schedules show published hours for the Skyliner at EP end an hour after closing (be it regular or EMH), but in reality they run 90+ minutes after. At HS, the Times Schedule shows it ending 90 min. after closing. The Skyliner to the resorts stays open to match the latest. The signs at each Skyliner lists hours that are often different (starting earlier, ending later). If you plan on using the HS route, you should be good until at least midnight that night.