Skyliner Assesment

I totally loved Skyliner. We stayed at CBR for 7 days. We were able to use Skyliner 3 of the 7 days. It especially made the ride to HS flawless and fast. Taking the bus to any park first thing in the morning was hit or miss. I found the “every 20 minutes” to be kind of a joke (1 morning to MK took about 40 minutes for the bus to show up). However, with Skyliner there was no lines in the AM and even if there was a line at closing, they went quickly and you always got to sit down (not so much on the bus). Sure they stopped sometimes, but never for very long.

I would definitely choose a resort in the future based on Skyliner access.


100% agree. We stayed at Pop and used it every chance we got. game changer for us, for sure

I’m staying at Pop in January and very excited about this.

I’m curious about the lines from Pop or AoA to Epcot or HS on EMH mornings.

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We were just at Pop and agree. Loved it. Easy to RD HS on regular 9AM opening. Left the room at 7:37, through bag check, and standing at taps at 8:02 We were very close to front of pack. Off SDD before 9AM. Not sure how they are handling EMH.

Had a line a few times. Looked long but took less than 5 minutes. This thing eats people when it’s running.

Biggest complaint - no way to know if it’s up and running without going there. They need to add it to the app. At Pop the Skyliner is in the opposite direction of the busses. If you are on a tight schedule you lose 15 minutes walking to one then the other. Same with Epcot. Walking to IG only to realized Skyliner is down and you need to walk to front of park to monorail or busses. Sometimes there are busses at BWI that are running the Skyliner loop but they apparently are not very quick to arrive when it goes down.

These issues can easily be solved with adding it to the new, less-FP-user-friendly version of MDE.

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