Skull Island queue scare factor?

Heading to UO for first time later this month. My 7-year old twins want to ride Skull Island: Reign of Kong. I think they can handle it, but I have been reading that the line itself is particularly scary. (And not just the wait times - ha!)

Just how scary is the queue? In line, what should we look out for or what should I prepare them for? (Queue spoilers are fine.) We will have Express passes, so will we miss the scary parts by skipping much of the stand-by line? THANKS.

It’s so hard to predict what will scare children and I wasn’t traveling with any, but I didn’t think the queue was all that scary. There is one room where an animatronic native woman is speaking what sounds like incantations while thunder rolls and it gets a little loud. There are also places where you either hear a loud hiss next to you or an actual animatronic native jumps out from a niche, so be aware that when you enter a place where there are dark openings beside you something might jump out of one of them. I rode twice and it only happened once per wait. The first time was just ahead of me and the second was further ahead and I only heard the screams of the people who were closest to the “surprise.” If you ride when wait times are low then you won’t have to worry about your kids having too much time to think about what’s coming! The ride itself is fantastic.

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Unless it’s changed since August, there are scare actors, not animatronics in the queue. So they can see who is coming and don’t jump out on children. I don’t think the rest of the queue is really scary, unless kids are quite sensitive. It’s dark though.


I knew that was a real person! My daughter said no and I took her word for it but he looked pretty real to me! He jumped out at cute teenage girls, not kids, by the way!


Sounds about right since it was probably a teenage boy!

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Thank you both! Very helpful. We can do this. The queue may be a little dark, but now we won’t be in the dark. :relaxed:

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Thanks again to everyone for the help on this! My kids were not scared at all as we walked through the queue. Worth noting that we had Universal Express, so were able to walk right through and only looked at the animatronic witch(?) from afar. Also able to scoot quickly through the very dark parts of the line. But it was quite helpful that I was able to tell them that it would get dark, but just keep walking.

As for the ride itself, I think they were scared in the right fun kind of way. They would’ve done it again. We had a great trip!


It’s a brilliant ride

Scariest bit is maybe the chanting from the natives at the start

Brilliant ride though. We did it twice