Skipping or Not Using Tier 2 FastPasses

Question for ya. This really applies in HS for me with the new tier setup. I know you can only have one tier 1 FP and must use your other tier 2 FP’s before you can get another tier 1 FP. What happens if you book your tier 2 FP’s and just never tap into the ride. Will those count as being used so that you can get a second tier 1 FP once all 3 have been “used”

Example - thinking of booking slinky dog at 9, muppet vision at 10, beauty and then beauty and the beast at 11? What if I just don’t even bother tapping into those tier 2’s? Would they count in Disney’s system as used?

Side question…is it necessary to have a FP at any of the shows in hs? I have a toddler and don’t want to have to arrive 30 min early
To a show either.

If there aren’t Tier 2 shows you actually want to see you can “tap in” outside the show, but not actually enter. If you book Tier 2 FPP and don’t use it, the FPP should expire. However, the system is inconsistent. They don’t always delete after they time has passed. Best chance of the expired FP falling off is booking them in times prior to the Tier 1 and being physically in the park during the FP window.

I’ve never experienced a need to have a FPP for shows. They do seat those people in a “special” area, but often it’s not a much better view.


I have heard mixed reports on FPP dropping off without tapping in. I am not sure.

As far as shows, you should be good to go. Crowd Levels will impact you some but if it is Indiana Jones, Mermaid, Disney Jr. or Beauty and the Beast, I think you are golden.

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If they are after the tier 1, they don’t ever count as used. If they are before the tier 1, usually they do but it can be glitchy.


And if they don’t drop off then before you waste time going to GS, try modifying them to a tier 2 that you can just tap into. That way you’ll be done quicker.


The way that it’s supposed to work is that once the window is past, the FPP is automatically dropped. For example… If you have a 9:40 FPP, your window ends at 10:40, plus the 15 minute “grace period”, so you should be able to get a new FPP at 10:55 - but as others have said, that can be glitchy (Disney IT glitchy? No, that never happens). However, if you tap in right at 9:40 (and it was your 3rd for the day), you could make a new FPP almost immediately.

This is at least the case for rides. I’ve never used an FPP for a show, so I’m not sure if there is a difference or not.


My experience with trying to let FPs “expire” is that it didn’t work for me – and they stayed in MDE and kept me from making additional FPs, which was a bummer b/c I missed out on a FOP FP on my last trip.:sob: To be safe, I’d plan to make them before the one you plan to use, or choose a FP for something that you could easily tap into and move along.


Thanks! So you suggest getting my tier 2 FP’s before my tier 1 then? Tap into those, then use tier 1 FP, then once I use tier 1 FP i can try to get another tier 1 right? Thanks :slight_smile:

If you tap into the Tier 2 FPP it won’t matter when they are scheduled. However, if you really don’t want to tap in, place the Tier 2 FPP before the Tier 1

Some ppl, for their own reasons, don’t like walking up to the tapstile and not going in. (Doesn’t bother me… :grinning:)

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What I would do is book the tier 2s after the tier 1, and then as soon as you tap into the tier 1 modify your next one earlier - book something nobody wants. Then tap in, don’t use it, modify #3 up, tap into that, and then start booking more tier 1s.


this did not work for me when I went in august. My I had a tier two booked in the AM and it never dropped off. I spoke with guest relations at HS and they told me I had to tap into it in order to get another Tier 1