Skipping Cinderella's Royal Table

Did any of you with princess loving little ones skip Cinderella’s Royal Table and did your little ones get over it?

We were going to go and then DD got sick. We really played up how we got to eat in the Beast’s castle on another day and just didn’t mention the CRT ADR we missed. She was fine and enjoyed other meals and character meetings.

If you don’t tell your kiddo(s) that eating at CRT is even an option, how would they know? If they don’t know about it, there’s nothing to get over.

Why don’t you want to do CRT? Not that I’m saying that you should, just that if we understand why you lean away from it we might be able to make alternative suggestions. If it is cost, I think that there are some other character meals that feature a princess or princesses that aren’t quite so pricey. Akershus has a good rep.

I probably went to Disney World 10 times before we ever ate in Cinderella‘s Royal table. I don’t even know that my kids knew it was an option. Or perhaps if they asked if you were allowed to go inside the castle I just told him there is a ridiculously expensive restaurant in there. We only did it for the first time on our last trip in 2016, and that was because I had thousands of dollars in rewards money on my Visa card that we used to eat our 14 other meals. So then I went ahead and bought the Cinderella‘s Royal table as a splendid surprise. But my kids had managed to develop a tremendous love of Disney World without ever setting foot in that restaurant. It’s a wonderful experience, don’t get me wrong, but by no stretch of the imagination do I consider it a must do.

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We’ve been a couple of times, but funnily enough it’s not something which is ever on DD5’s wish list. For our May trip the restaurants she really wants to do are Chef Mickey’s, Via Napoli and Boma, as well as Satu’li (if we went to AK and didn’t go to Satu’li I reckon she’d put herself up for adoption :joy:).

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Eating “in the castle” is always a must do for my DS7. We have been there for a meal the past 3 trips and I think I need a break at this point. He also always wants to stay at the Contemporary but I just tell him we have to try new places and he always loves where we stay and gets over it. I think kids will like whatever you plan in Disney. There is so much to do so I think they move on pretty quickly.


For DD now 10 it must not have been as big deal to her when she was 8. When I asked her what the 1 place was she didn’t want to miss eating for this year in it was BOG again. Granted she has more attachment to Belle because she loves to read may be a big part of that. Cinderella though she is still commenting that if she hadn’t worn heels she wouldn’t have lost her shoe. :rofl:


I love it! Your DD sounds like a character. (A fun one!)

Belle’s always been my favorite.

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I’m just balking at the price when most reviews call the food mediocre. I did think about just not telling them that you could go inside the castle, but then I thought they’d probably see something on YouTube with people eating in there.

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Belle is my favorite too. We are most definitely going to eat at BOG because it’s my must do lol.

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If they’re old enough to search for it on YouTube, they’re old enough to suck it up. It’s not like they won’t be doing other fun things. You could always do breakfast if you feel you have to go, breakfasts are always cheaper.

They aren’t necessarily old enough to look for it on youtube. They just have older siblings who will (I’m sure) be watching Disney/Universal vlogs before we go so it just may be inevitable that they see it. That being said they definitely aren’t spoiled kids (by their parents) and would absolutely not make a fuss if we told them no. Auntie (Me, I am their aunt not their mother) just likes to spoil them rotten…and honestly who am I kidding. It’s probably going to happen.

Ah ok. If they’re young I’d maybe try a different princess meal and tell them it was the same place! Or stick with breakfast.

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Ok y’all have done it. You’ve helped actually decide on something. We are skipping Cinderella’s Royal Table (Who knows if we even would have gotten a res) and going with Akershus.