Skipping an EMH day if can't do RD

I’ve been noticing a bit lately that some newcomers to Lines and/or Disneyworld itself are sometimes not aware of the impact on EMH mornings.

That is, they are not taking into consideration if they are latish for 8am, or if are offsite (we stay both off and onsite various trips ourselves)- that they should avoid emh day park.

Maybe the new fpps ahead system is causing folks to think others ahead of them b/c of emh doesn’t matter so much. But it really does.

So I thought I’d just throw in my 2 cents on this (2 shiny cents haha if want to press those pennies!). Maybe could head off folks reading here on forum, to make their trip less lines.

I suppose it would be less important to do this during slower seasons, but watching crowd levels lately seems as if fewer weeks are in the 3-5 park level days.


My thinking takes this one step further - if you can’t make RD don’t go to the park, mEMH day or not. :smiley:


We’ve made 2 rope drops in 7 years - I can’t do it. BUT, with FPP and late park hours, it doesn’t bother me. And, if you aren’t rope droppers then your points of reference are different, yes?

I know what a park is going to look like when we wander in at 4pm (sleep, pool, food, shower, park is kind our daily plan). Our family tour style is to go enjoy the park, with FPP we book what we want to do that day, maybe wander in to less popular attractions or shows, maybe an ADR or just fav CS. We don’t tour or do WDW with the intention of doing everything - and so in our case, sleep and pool is more valuable than beating the crowds at RD.

I bet it’s wonderful - empty park, quiet and peaceful. But, momma just can’t do it :slight_smile:

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Yes, I almost always do RD. However, last trip, because it was tied to a conference, I was not able to gert to a park until after 2:00 PM on all but 1 day - and thanks to FPPs, I was able to still get most of the headliners in. I frequently use the benefit of EMH, and cannot stress highly enough how much you can get done in the first few hours by using EMH. BUT if you cannot be there for EMH RD, DO NOT go to that park that day.