Skipper canteen

Any rumors on when reservations for skipper canteen will open up?

Everyone has been tooo busy with starwars launch bay today to check I think. Nothing yet AFAIK

Rumor is- any day now but I am hoping that they will release a menu before they open any ADRs!

@len posted on chat today that he heard 12/21, but I hope it soft opens before then. @MrTomMorrow posted a photo showing some sort of activity in the restaurant yesterday (, so that looks promising.

Would it be possible for the TP reservation finder to notify us once ADRs are available with Skipper Canteen? It would be cool if they could modify the reservation finder or put a button on our dashboard that we can click and just get notified (to our phone) when the place opens. I’d like to try to get a reservation there for late Feb/early March. If not, I hope the people on chat put it out and then keep bumping it for a few days so that people will hear the news.

Disney needs to include a restaurant in their system before we can have it as an option in the Reservation Finder. In the past, Disney had new restaurants listed before they started taking reservations. It is likely Skipper Canteen will do soft openings and not take reservations.

Thanks for the info!

I am calling every morning. Yesterday the CM said that she could see “Jungle Skipper Canteen” in their list now, but there were still no ADRs. She said that typically meant that it would open up for ADRs in a few days. Fingers crossed!


Everyday I refresh my news feed, check chat and then Twitter- how am I still scared I will miss it?

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I’m wondering how the soft opening will work. If they’ll just randomly open to walk up guests at certain times. Should I just stand outside the construction walls staring longingly at the signage and hope someone will invite me inside?


Am I remembering correctly that when thy soft opened new Fantasy Land they had giant planters they moved? Keep an eye out for those!

Sounds like a good tip. If the construction walls are down, then I’ll climb inside a planter and slowly inch my way toward the restaurant 'till I’m inside. No one will suspect the plant.

The only thing that worries me is all the Disney bloggers that’ll be hiding in the planter to get photos of the new restaurant.


I had heard they were supposed to let CM eat there on 12/6 and do soft opening after that. But that date has come and gone and I haven’t heard anything else about it.

Today it soft opened!

“Skipper Canteen” has been added to the Reservation Finder. When ADRs open up, we will let you know.