Skipper Canteen Now Accepting ADRs!

Just noticed this today and already made a lunch reservation for an upcoming trip!


Heard a lot about this restaurant but don’t know anything about it!! Where is it? What type of food? And why is everyone so excited by it :thinking::smile:

It’s right by the Jungke Cruise. Check out the menu on-line. Not typical theme park food

Will do :grinning:

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The food is good, but just as important is the fun atmosphere inside. Lots of inside jokes for fans of the Jungle Cruise or the old Adventurers Club. Jungle Cruise Skippers act as your servers and the walls are covered with interesting and amusing artifacts.

Great…thanks for the info :grinning:

It’s also a new dining experience in MK which is the park that’s not exactly known for it’s fine dining options. Interesting menu with great decor it seems - our last trip we missed the soft open by a single day… :sob:

Worth a try if it’s a new dining experience, I will definitely give it ago :grinning: Shame you missed it

Thanks for posting this, @DrAlbertFalls. I’ve been wanting to try the SC, and I’ve now snagged a lunch ADR for our trip on October.

I was very excited to be able to book a lunch there this morning for our trip before Labor Day!