Skipper Canteen availablity

Does anyone know why I wouldn’t be able to book Skippers Canteen at 180 + 10 days (Sept 19) I tried several different days in Sept with no luck.

Just checking, Sept 19th isn’t your arrival day, it’s your 10th day right?

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Sept 1-9 doesn’t have anything either :frowning:

Maybe just not loaded into the system then? I can’t see any mention of a closure or refurb.

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yes. We arrive on the 10th

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It seem strange. I have tried several days in Aug as well. No tables available.
I will keep trying. and update this when I find an answer.

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There have been reports that most MK ADRs are not loaded yet. It seems connected to MNSSHP hours.


That explains it - not having been during party times that never occurred to me. How annoying!

Well I got Skippers Canteen booked.
Everytime I went to Skippers canteen and tried to book, nothing was available.
So what i did differently was I entered my date and time on the dining page (The one that has ALL restaraunts listed) and did a search. Scrolled down to Skippers and there it was, the reservation I needed.
Why that worked and the other didn’t, I don’t know. Never give up