Sketched out plan- any thoughts?

Hey all,
My DD16 and I will be in WDW in late August. Aside from the spare lungs that I’ll be bringing along, I had been debating about what to do on the arrival day. I was playing with dining reservations tonight and scored a CRT dinner. Yay! (I’m more excited about it than she is, tbh) SO, I thought I’d ask for feedback on my plan for the week based on what I’ve sketched out, before I plan for FP+.

Sunday 8/27: Flight should land at MCO ~1:00. I anticipate getting to POR via ME by 3. Thought is to check in, relax, explore the resort and swim for a while, then head to MK around 6:00 and play until dinner at 8:45. I thoroughly expect we’ll have eaten lunch either at the airport before we catch ME or at the hotel QS. MK is scheduled to close at 9, so I imagine after dinner we’ll mosey back to the hotel.

Monday 8/28: AK. EMH from 8-9, planning on KS by 8:45, and TH breakfast at 9:45. Then Pandora, EEx2, KRR. Lunch will be at QS at the park, and KRR will be the last thing we do before we head back to the hotel. I’m not sure we’ll have the stamina after a long day traveling the day before to stick around for ROL, and we’re good being done by 5 or so. Plan to just relax at the resort that evening.

Tuesday 8/29: HS. The only thing we have reserved right now is late lunch at MM with Fantasmic package. We will NEED to do ToT, RNRR, TSMM. Because it will be hot, I expect we’ll do GMR, Frozen sing a long to get into air conditioning. Star Tours, Launch bay for character M&G (for step son’s present) and we have early Fantasmic. I’m more eager for RD than DD is, but my thought is as long as we get there before 9:30, have a plan and FP reserved we should be okay.

Wednesday is our late start. 10:15 PF, then Senses for pedicures at 1:45 so we’ll explore GF until then. Then to MK as the park has EMH until 11 pm. Must do SM, BTMRR, HM, SM, Dinner at Skipper Canteen at 6:15. PoC, JC because I’ve never done it, and whatever else. (We have a 2nd MK day later)

Thursday is F&W opening, so we’re headed to EP! Hit FW by 9, do TT, MS, maybe SE (I’m not a huge fan, but I get it.) Then planning on going to spend a LOT of time in WS exploring F & W. Neither of us have been, and we plan to eat really bad for us snacks that day and I’ve made NO reservations for this day. My thought is FW by 11, and explore it well and snack along the way. I’d like to try and get as much in as possible Thursday because I expect crowds on Friday and Saturday will be hit. Over all I am thinking we’ll be done by 7 or so, and go to POR & hopefully Yehaw Bob will be there. :smile:

Friday 9/1 is our last MK day. We’re waiting for MNSSHP dates to be announced, as of right now I think it may open this day based on last year’s dates. We have lunch reservations at BOG at 12:45. I’d like to rope drop, work through till lunch, and head back to relax at the pool after lunch until around 4, then head back to the park for the party (because we’ll totally get tickets for that). No dinner reservations yet, but we may just grab qs.

Saturday 9/2: we have to be on ME by 3:30, so this will likely be all day at DS. Not sure yet, though. It may depend on if we hit it after AK or after HS earlier in the week. Overall, I’m trying to balance out doing a lot of things and giving the teenager the opportunity to either sleep in or a guaranteed nap. I swear, she needed just as much planning as she did when I took her when she was 3. LOL.

Any thoughts or suggestions? I’m open! Thank you all in advance!!

I am concerned about your AK and EE plan. Is that single rider ?

We can totally do single rider. We may FP for one and single ride for the second.

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For your AK day. Keep in mind that you will only be able to get advanced FPPs for one of the two Pandora rides; the other you will have to do SB (or hope against hope that you can get a 4th FPP for it). If it was me, I would get to the park 60 minutes before opening and head straight to Pandora and get in the SB line for the attraction that you don’t have an FPP for. The real beauty of Pandora is expected to be after dark, so even if you don’t plan to watch ROL. you really should plan on staying untill “full dark”. Have you considered a late afternoon break, going over to AKL for dinner, and then coming back (a bit rested) for PM activities?


I’m all over going back after dark to check it out. ALL. OVER. IT. DD16 (Crabby McTeenager Pants) is all “Meh”. Which is of course her outlook on life. SO I may have her just chill at the hotel and I’ll go back on my own. MWAHAHA.

Seconding ^@bswan re AK. Crowds will be larger than usual b/c new rides. :slight_smile: Also, might want to breakfast TH latest brk time (11:30?) to get more use of early hours for rides. Aren’t many a/c spots for CS @AK, so takes care of that too. If you take a break, your teenager might decide to accompany you after all that night, specially beautiful now that it’s open then. Also, AK always seems the hottest, steamiest of all parks on an August afternoon (we usually go to disney in aug).

Another observation: RDing HS is pretty important, b/c of Tier system. If riding both TSMM & RNR important to you, RD will make a big difference, the lines for those are really really long shortly after RD - w/i about 10 minutes or so I believe.

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I’m glad this was a sketch and not set in stone. The MNSSHP dates are out, and we will be adjusting some things I think. I now think I may need a dry erase board or magnet board to sketch these plans out!

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