Skeptical about my HS touring plan...thoughts?

We’re essentially spending 3 half days HS. DH and DD15 are spending a morning doing all things Star Wars. We’re spending one late afternoon doing a few shows, Sci Fi and Fantasmic.

The skeptical part…the EMH morning with TSL.

I couldn’t get a SDD FP which I totally anticipated. We only have the morning. We’re spending the afternoon at EP WS and then we have a Gala at EP. It just seems really ambitious and I’m having anxiety over RDing HS…are we really better off RDing Star Tours?? What if we happen to be in the front? Ditch the TP and do TSL and then circle back to Star Tours?

I’ll take any feedback you have!

I would not RD ST. I would arrive super early ahead of RD and go straight to SDD.

I wonder if it has to do with your slider settings? Do you have the slider set to minimize walking or minimize waiting?

You’re right, I did have it set to minimize walking, but after I changed it to minimize waiting it gave me the exact same plan. I even tried taking out ST (it’s possible we can fit it in the day before) and it gave me an even longer wait for SDD, lol.

What are you calling super early? My plan was to try to get my family out of Pop at 6:45…but you know how that goes. What time do you think we should be at the bus stop at Pop?

Plan to be at tapstiles at least one hour of published rope drop, whether that is for morning Extra Magic Hour or regular park hours.

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